Multicultural Christmas Traditions and Legends


Last Thursday English Class kindergarten pupils and first graders learned about Christmas symbols and customs in other parts of the world. They learned that children receive gifts from St. Nicholas in the Netherlands and from the Wise Men in Spain. Ms. Sylvia read Clement Moore’s poem, A Visit from St. Nick, a.k.a. Twas the Night Before Christmas from the delightful book illustrated by Jan Brett.

After singing and playing some Christmas songs and games, the kindergarten pupils together with the first graders crafted paper candy canes. (Directions for making the paper candy canes can be found here at Happy Hooligans.)


The first graders also made the lovely evergreen sun catchers pictured above with their teacher, Ms. Kati. These were made by cutting a Christmas tree frame from black paper, then the pupils set the frame on a piece of transparent sticky back plastic and trimmed the edges with scissors. Then they covered the tree by placing cut squares of different green tissue paper on the sticky side of the tree. Finally, using a punch, they cut out red ornaments for their trees. The completed trees are awesome!



One comment on “Multicultural Christmas Traditions and Legends

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Beautiful Christmas trees – like stained glass.

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