Coding: Learning to Programme


Learning to code or programme has rapidly become as important as reading and writing. Some of our English Classes have been coding already for well over a year. This spring all of our English Class pupils will be having sixteen hours of coding under the auspices of a pilot programme called Bomberbot.


Bomberbot is a company in the Netherlands that is affiliated with the worldwide consortium, Hour of Code. It offers programming activities that teach the basics of computational thinking and computer science.


So far this week all of the third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade classes have signed into respective Bomberbot code classrooms on  iPads or Chromebooks. The children were immediately engaged in the challenges that the coding missions provide,  -so much so that pupils begged to be able to continue coding at home as well!


Learning to code or programme is empowering. Coding has many benefits outside of working with computers. For one thing, children learn that coding is a constant series of small steps. They will learn that they will fail again and again, and that they will need to try, try, try again. Each accomplishment is itself only the next level in the process of learning to code. Doing things right takes lots of time and patience. As they learn to code children will want to set the bar higher and higher, make the code better and better. There are no shortcuts in the process of learning to code. However, it builds stamina. If that isn’t a life skill, what is?

One comment on “Coding: Learning to Programme

  1. Sartenada says:

    This is cool. I am glad that children nowadays have possibility to learn programming. I learnt is when I was old. I learnt Data Base programming and few of my small programs were in use in my company. 🙂

    All the best for 2016.

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