Creative Writing with Spelling Words


Creative writing comes into play every time English Class third graders have a list of spelling words for revision. The pupils choose fifteen words (underlined in the stories) to incorporate into the stories they write.


This post includes three stories written by third graders Mari-Leen, Tiira and Frans.



4 comments on “Creative Writing with Spelling Words

  1. I love it! But I’m curious about the different styles of paper. What is the reasoning behind each (lines, gray lines, and boxes)? I’m also curious how long they have been using it and how effective it has been.

    • ss-k says:

      How observant! Highlighted paper is used regularly in the lower grades here in Finland and it has been for the past fifteen years at least. This particular class has been writing so much that we have run out of our supply of highlighted paper notebooks! (In truth highlighted paper helps students significantly with penmanship/writing.) I very recently noticed on Pinterest that it is even possible to download highlighted paper for free from certain Internet sites.

      • I was asking because I’m a high school special education teacher. It is rare, but I occasionally have students that seem to have spacial awareness issues. Their notes look like a five-year-old wrote them. It’s a problem because they cannot look back and utilize their notes if they are disorganized or written at strange angles on the paper. I’ve seen the graph paper used before, but that certainly wouldn’t help the student I’m thinking about. Now that I’ve seen it, I’m not sure if highlighting would help or not. I’ve sat next to him and pointed to where he needed to start his next line or problem, which was also a challenge.

  2. ss-k says:

    Interesting. You certainly have nothing to lose by downloading and printing out a few sheets of highlighted paper to see if it helps. I wonder, also, if downloading lined Cornell notes paper might also benefit your student. You could always use a highlighter pen to highlight lines. It might be worth a try. Hope this helps.

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