Bridges and Love Bugs on Fun Monday

funmonday_13 – kopio

This week’s Fun Monday offered a choice of two activities. One was a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) challenge to build a bridge using craft sticks and masking tape. The other challenge was to make a Valentine love bug. Only a couple of pupils managed to complete both challenges within the time constrictions.


The lucky pupils who got to participate in Fun Monday approached the bridge challenge eagerly.  The goal was to make a bridge that would support the weight of a small engine and train car. That proved to be too easy so the length of the gap was increased. One bridge spanned the space of 150 cm!


Other pupils preferred making love bugs for Valentines Day next Sunday. They formed the body of the bug from aluminum foil and then covered it with glue and pieces of tissue paper. Pipe cleaner legs were taped to the underside and then covered with glue and tissue paper.


Yet another Fun Monday proved the amazing problem solving skills of our pupils: tomorrow’s engineers, designers and inventors.

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