Soup and Story Shrove Tuesday

soup n story

Shrove Tuesday ((Laskiainen in Finnish)  is also traditionally known as Sledding Day. This year , with rain pouring down instead of snow, weather was not at all conducive to outdoor winter activities here in Pori. Luckily the English Classes had already made plans for special indoor activities. The day was proclaimed to be Soup and Story Day.

First grade teacher, Ms. Kati, read the beloved classic by Maurice Sendak called Chicken Soup with Rice to the first and second grade classes. This is the third time the first graders have heard this poem story within a short period of time, and they appeared to be even more besotted with this poem of months with every reading!

soup n story2

The second graders read to the first graders about traditional Shrove Tuesday Sledding Day traditions in Finland. Then Ms. Kati continued by telling more about the celebration of Shrove Tuesday.

soup n story5

The second graders completed their second week of diary writing in the Diary of a Second Grader project this week, so they shared the diaries they wrote with the first graders by reading with them. The second graders also encouraged the first graders to read too.

soup n story4

Shrove Tuesday or Sledding Day was quite evident in our school lunch which consisted of traditional foods: pea soup, hot chocolate and a sweet bun. Mmm-mmm. After lunch pupils snuggled in for stories, stories, stories!

soup n story6



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