Get on the Language Carousel!

language carousel

English Class third and fourth graders, together with all of the other third and fourth graders at Cygnaeus School, participated in a one hour long Language Carnival today. Foreign language teachers at our school had set up four different foreign language stations in the gymnasium.  Third and fourth graders will very soon be choosing an elective foreign language to study next year. Everyone will begin learning Swedish in the sixth grade beginning next fall in accordance with the new 2016 curriculum. The languages presented at the Language Carnival were German, Swedish, Russian and French.

language carousel2

At every station there were interesting activities that the children could engage in. At the Swedish station pupils could search for equivalent Swedish words on food stuff packaging. Ms. Krista, our German and English teacher, laughed and told the pupils that the packages work like textbooks if they just read the words and learn them! Our English Class pupils quickly made the connection between how similar to English Swedish is.

language carousel5

At the Russian language station pupils were challenged to pair Finnish words with Russian words. It was not very easy, but here are a couple of examples:

ложка (ložka) > lusikka > spoon
поп (pop) > pappi > priest
чистый (tšistyj) > siisti > clean

language carousel3

It was gratifying to see our former English Class pupil, Karla  hostessing the French restaurant station. Fourth grader, Mathéo, thoroughly enjoyed himself when he let others know that he is French! He had no trouble at all ordering from the menu!

language carousel4

More English Class pupils were in evidence at the German station. Puppets speaking German and general information about countries where German is spoken was available here. Not to be forgotten, too, was the football station where pupils were able to practice weaving while kicking a Fußball!



2 comments on “Get on the Language Carousel!

  1. Sartenada says:

    I wish that when I was kid, this could have happened in my school. Sigh. At those times, only music was the only “gateway” to listen foreign languages in addition to listen to radio station round the world.

    I love Your schools modern ideas.

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