Kalevala Collaboration


English Classes 1EN and 4 EN spent several classes together this week learning about three of the tales from the Finnish epic, Kalevala. They learned about the song contest between Väinämöinen and Joukohainen, the story about how Väinämöinen stole the Sampo and the story of the the great oak.


The pupils also read The Canine Kalevala by Mauri Kunnas.


After reading the the verses about the great oak and discussing what was really being said, the first graders found the answer in their reading books in the form of a dialogue.


On Thursday Ms. Kati read the story about how Väinämöinen lulled everyone to sleep by playing the kantele, a Finnish stringed instrument, so that he could steal the Sampo while they slept. First grader Eevi is taking lessons to learn to play the kantele so she played for her classmates and the fourth graders in honour of Kalevala Day. Kalevala Day, Finland’s national day of culture, is celebrated on February 28th, which takes place during our winter holiday this year.

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