Kalevala Sampos à la Second Graders


In their Finnish lessons on Monday English Class second graders read Mauri Kunnas’ version of the Kalevala in an imaginary world of dogs in Koirien Kalevala. The children read and learned about Elias Lönnrot and how he collected the verses that make up the Kalevala. Then the children created their own Sampo’s by drawing and writing about them. Because it was a Finnish lesson, the children wrote in Finnish while a couple of pupils wrote in their native German language. (Click the photo to make reading the text easier.)


Sampo is something very Finnish. In accordance with very old poems a sampo is made up of a feather of a swan, a corn of barley, a ball of wool, a drop of milk and the shaft of a distaff.  Salt, food and money are the components mentioned in Kalevala. It is believed that whoever has ownership of the Sampo will have a much better quality of life.


Yesterday the second graders used logic puzzle pieces to construct Sampos in their mathematics lesson by listening to directions given by their teacher, Ms. Anu. The final, and most fun part by far, was making free form versions of their own Sampo using the logic puzzle pieces.

One comment on “Kalevala Sampos à la Second Graders

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Always amazing! The printing from the children is exceptional.

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