Goal: A Reading Diploma


Some English Class pupils in second grade, fourth grade and fifth grade are working hard to complete the requirements to receive a much coveted reading diploma. Depending on their grade level, each pupil is reading a book from a list of book selections within certain reading genres.

reading diploma 1

Some pupils are completing their reading diplomas by reading books only in English; some are completing their reading diplomas by reading selected books in either English or Finnish. The system in the English Classes parallels or actually uses the Finnish National Board of Education’s Kunnari Reading Diploma standards.

The list of tasks that pupils can choose from can be seen here in English:  reading diploma tasks  

After reading Michael Morpurgo’s book, War Horse, fifth grader Kuba wrote the following very moving poem to complete one task.

I am a War Horse

Gray soldiers were the only thing I saw.

I heard the death rattle of a machine gun.

I am a war horse.

My rider is dead.

I reached the kneeling riflemen without him.

I am a war horse.

I heard people saying we had won,

Horses lay dead and dying everywhere.

I am a war horse.

I never saw Captain Nicholls again.

That was a great and terrible sadness.

I am a war horse.

I saw Captain Stewart coming and saying to me,

“He’d have been proud of you, Joey.”

I am a war horse.

reading diploma 4

We greatly look forward to honouring all of these diligent readers when we have our annual reading assembly. Read on, boys and girls, read on!!

reading diploma 5

3 comments on “Goal: A Reading Diploma

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Reading truly expands your horizons. Congratulations to Kuba – and thanks to all teachers for inspiring them.

  2. Maria B says:

    I’m so proud 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Maria na walizkach and commented:
    Reading books is important. To my English speaking friends…you know Kuba, he is an old soul, as someone said. Extremely proud!!! He is the author of these three handwrittings and pictures above.

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