Second Graders Go Swimming!


Swimming is important for everyone to learn for safety, health and enjoyment. English Class second graders, fourth graders and sixth graders, along with all of the Finnish class second, fourth and sixth graders at Cygnaeus School,  receive systematic instruction in the art of swimming. Today our second graders received their first of five swimming lessons from Ms. Irma, who has been teaching swimming to generations of children in Pori.


There is lots of paraphernalia to help keep the lessons interesting. The goals for the second graders to receive a swimming certificate are that they have:

  • the ability to retrieve an object from chest-deep water
  • the ability to float on one’s back (starfish)
  • the ability to swim 10 meters
  • the ability to jump into chest-deep water


Free time after the swimming lesson is always a hit with the kids. Nothing beats the water slide in our spiffy new Pori swim hall!

One comment on “Second Graders Go Swimming!

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Oh my goodness, what fun!

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