Photography Workshop

photo workshop

On Monday of this past week all of the English Class pupils, from grades one through six, participated in a two hour photography workshop.  As a departure point for the workshop the pupils watched a slide presentation about different angles of view when taking photographs. These included the bird’s eye view, a worm’s view, a Dutch angle view, eye level view, low angle view and high angle view. The pupils were divided into 18 groups of mixed ages.

photo workshop_2

The theme for the photographs was Share with Me/Koe kanssani.  Group members discussed ideas and poses together that would show the idea of sharing together, places at school to use for photographing and possible camera angles for the situations. Each group then selected six possible photo ideas and sketched them out on paper before actually beginning the photography part. This careful preparation paid off because it resulted in a great selection of photographs taken by the children! From the creative photo’s it was plain to see that the children knew what they were doing!

photo workshop_3

Thirteen photographs were chosen by teachers to send to the Global School project group for entry in a photography competition. A few of the selected photo’s are shown here so blog readers can enjoy their efforts.

photo workshop_4


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