School Dog for a Day

school dog

On Wednesday of this week a few English Classes had a special visitor. Ms. Sylvia brought her dog, Rhonda, to school for the day to spend some time with pupils. (Note: This was after asking about possible allergies.) By posing questions pupils were able to find out about the dog’s breed, characteristics, care and much more. In addition to learning lots of other interesting things, the pupils found out that Rhonda is a French sheep dog called a Briard. Third graders will soon be studying pets and their care in their environmental studies classes so this information about pet care was useful to them.

Rhonda was very patient and tolerant throughout the day, but as the day wore on, she became less and less interested in showing all of her tricks to perfection. In the future we will keep the visits limited to half day sessions so that poor old Rhonda does not get so tired. Several classes, including classes on the Finnish side and their teachers, asked for an opportunity to have Rhonda visit them in the future. We will do this for sure.

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