Old Fashioned Fun on Fun Monday


After a hiatus of several weeks, Fun Monday was back in action again. This time the goal was pure fun, although the pupils did get a good physical workout in some activities and hand-eye coordination was required in several more. The Fun Monday group managed to play a total of six different Minute-to-Win-it games. The game above is called Junk in the Trunk. The goal was for a player to get all six table tennis balls out of the tissue box tied around his/her waist within the 60-second time limit. With lots of interesting contortions all of the players succeeded in emptying their boxes within a minute.


Not all activities were photographed, but the photo collage above shows pupils playing the M&M Face Challenge. The object of this game is for the player to create a smiley face on the paper plate with the M&M’s.  The challenge is that the player must suck up an M&M using a straw, run over and place it in its position on the paper plate, and continue until the entire smiley face is done.

The Tilt-A-Cup task was where each player bounced a table tennis ball into cup, then stacked a new cup on top of the ball, and then bounced another table tennis ball into it. The challenge was to continue until all six cups contained a table tennis ball, thereby creating a wibbly wobbly tower.

The Nutstacker was another game requiring focus. Players needed to  create one stack of four metal nuts by sliding them off a chopstick without touching them with their hands.


In the This Blows challenge the player needed to knock all the cups off of the table using only the air from the balloon within the 60-second time limit.

Although we started by awarding a point to anyone who succeeded in a Minute-to-Win-it challenge, the games were so interesting and absorbing that we all lost track/interest in keeping any kind of score. We just enjoyed cheering one another on!



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