Art Museum Workshop Spawns New Workshop

art museum ws_4en

Last week the English Class fourth graders had an opportunity to see the exhibition Eggert Pétursson – Flora at the Pori Art Museum.  Pétursson’s work looks somewhat abstract from a distance, but close up viewers can see that the paintings are composed of a multitude of miniature plants and flowers done in intricate detail.  Eggert Pétursson began to study the flora of his native Iceland when he was a young boy.

In a workshop lead by Art Museum guide Caroline Ward-Raatikainen, the fourth graders were encouraged to draw and colour flora of their own liking.

art museum2 4en

Back at school the English Class fourth graders and their teacher, Ms. Leena, applied what they had learned to planning a workshop for the English Class kindergarten children. Fourth graders partnered with a kindergarten child and then started working on their project.

art museum3 4en

They cut out single egg carton cups and then fringed them. By pressing down on the egg cup the fringes splayed out forming flowers.

art museum4 4en

Then, using what they had learned earlier about primary and secondary colours, complimentary colours, as well as warm and cold colours, the children used the egg cups as printing stamps. They dipped them in paint to create floral masterpiece prints.

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