The 11th Annual Spring Run


On Thursday after lunch the excitement in the air was palpable as English Class pupils plus one teacher lined up behind the starting line ready to begin the eleventh annual sponsored Spring Run. Headmaster Arto Suni said the magic words, “Ready, steady, GO!” and about one hundred eager runners set off to run rounds around Cygnaeus School. Many  parents, relatives, and friends were there to cheer the motivated runners on.


The Spring Run is an annual fundraiser where children can raise funds for their class trips or study camp. During the week preceding the Spring Run each child finds sponsors who agreed to pledge payment of anything from 20 cents to a euro for each completed round run around the school.


So, if a child had a sponsor who pledged 60 cents per round, and the child ran a total of 24 times around the school, the sponsor would pay 0,60,  x 24, or a total of 14,40 euros. Many of the children would happily run themselves into the ground, they are so motivated. However, because the rest of the school’s pupils come out to the playground for recess at 12:05 pm, the English Class teachers need to stop the running at noon. On the other hand, this is not so bad because the sponsors would be paying out serious money to make good on the pledges that they had made. These kids can run!


Classroom teachers try to keep track of all the rounds that are run by using tally markers next to each pupil’s name, but it does get confusing when six children pass at the same time. Because fifth grade teacher Ms. Katri (shown in the lower right above) also ran, Ms. Sylvia (shown on the left above) tried her best to tally the rounds. Luckily the fifth graders keep very good track of their rounds themselves!

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