May Day Hats

may day hats5

On Friday English Class pupils revived the tradition of crafting May Day hats from paper plates and scrap paper. (Class 5 EN didn’t participate in making hats because they went to the Pori Art Museum. Check back tomorrow to read about their adventures on this blog.) The challenge was to create a hat and wear it during lunch in the cafeteria. In the collage above you can see the fantastic hat finery of some of the sixth graders at the top left and the first graders in the lower right.

may day hats1

The hats were amazing: stylish, silly, saucy, sensational and quite stupendous.  Ms. Kati (top left) even crocheted a bit for her paper hat. Although Ms. Kati was striving for a vintage look, her first graders thought it looked more like a wedding hat. (Time will tell…)

may day hats2

There was no shortage of imagination, that is for sure! Small prizes were given in four different categories: the most creative hat, the most beautiful hat, the most practical hat and the closest-to-nature hat. Teachers did not receive any prizes for their hats, but Ms. Anu’s May Day doughnut/bun on a plate, with sprinkles no less(!), deserves special mention! (-shown in the top left hand corner of the collage above).  Mr. Juho (top right hand corner) contrived a Minion-like character hat by making a long tube and putting a balloon with a face on it at the top of the tube. (Unfortunately the balloon doesn’t show in the picture.)

may day hats3

Pupils looks quite serious in these last two photos. Everyone was waiting to find out whose hats had been picked to receive little prizes. In spite of how it appears, a grand time was had by us all!

may day hats4


One comment on “May Day Hats

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Loved, loved the hats – a long, long time ago both men and women would not leave their home without wearing a hat…..the children did a fantastic job….very creative way to celebrate May Day.

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