Memorable Moments at the Pori Art Museum

art museum_ep 5en

On Friday the English Class fifth graders went to the Pori Art Museum to see the art exhibit, Flora, by Icelandic artist Eggert Pétursson. Pétursson, a much beloved artist in his native Iceland and elsewhere, grew up drawing plants from an early age. Some of his earliest drawings are on display at the museum. In fact, at a fairly young age he created colour illustrations for the first ever botanical guide of Icelandic flora.

art museum_ep2 5en

From a distance,  Pétursson’s art has an abstract quality of blending mellow colours. Close up to the paintings it is possible to see that they contain amazing minutiae of specific flowers.

art museum_ep4 5en

You can see an example of flora detail in the collage above.

art museum_ep3 5en

The fifth graders listened intently to their guide, Caroline Ward-Ratikainen, explain some details of these amazing works of art.

art museum_ep5 5en

After touring the great hall and drawing inspiration from Pétursson’s work, the fifth graders participated in a workshop where they drew examples of flora themselves. There at PEDA-point the pupils even had use of a digital microscope, as well as magnifying glasses, to explore the minute details of plants that they were drawing.

art museum_ep6 5en

As if that in itself weren’t enough, the pupils were treated to a second workshop experience during the same visit! This workshop was based on an entirely different exhibition, East Asian Video Frames: Shades of Urbanization, that was housed in the annex wing of the museum. East Asian artists, concerned about the effect of rapid urbanization made a series of videos and installations that investigate the issues of urbanization and how all pervasive it is on society, art and culture.

art museum_ep7 5en

Based on an art piece structure in the exhibition that needed to be turned collaboratively using ropes, the fifth graders were challenged to build their own structures that could be turned. Using only cardboard boxes, tape and string, the pupils were challenged to build as tall a structure as possible.

art museum_ep8 5en

There was some experimentation before things began to work.

art museum_ep9 5en

The boys had a theory that the structure would hold together better if the boxes were of similar size.

art museum_ep10 5en

A little pull here, a slight tug there and it’s up! Oh no, it’s nnn – o – t! This was an ingenious challenge for encouraging collaboration and teamwork!


One comment on “Memorable Moments at the Pori Art Museum

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    It looked like an absolutely great day! Those are some pretty fortunate children to have the exposure they had, and teachers thanks for planning this interesting field trip.

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