Cleaning Up the Neighbourhood

cleaning up

English Class second and third graders set off last Wednesday to clean an area near our school last Wednesday. The week of 2.-6.5.2016  has been declared clean-up week by the town of Pori. Armed with disposable gloves and waste bags that the town provided,  the children eagerly gathered the trash they found in the area.

cleaning up2

Where did all the trash come from, we wonder. To find the answer, read this copyrighted  Litterbug Poem by Ray Mather.

I’m a litterbug and I don’t care,
I throw my litter everywhere.
Crisp packets, sweet wrappers, lollipop sticks –
In desks, on the yard – the usual tricks.

I’m not bothered where my rubbish goes;
Let it be carried where the wind blows.
Playing-field, garden – it’s no sin –
Couldn’t care less about the litter bin.

I trash the playgrounds and dirty the parks,
Stuff cans in hedges – them sort of larks.
The street is my empire; it swims in debris;
It looks ugly to you, but it’s lovely to me.

Where did I come from? What is my game?
Me, the person you all like to blame?
What do I look like? Well, I’ll have to be true –
I’m not a monster – I’m YOU, YOU and YOU!
© Ray Mather 2005

2 comments on “Cleaning Up the Neighbourhood

  1. Ray Mather says:

    Very pleased to see my poem used in his way 🙂

    • ss-k says:

      We are really glad you approve! (-probably should have contacted you BEFORE posting it, but being a busy, dedicated teacher, perhaps you canunderstand that I just want to get it posted on the blog for our readers…) It is a great poem and strikes a chord with young and old alike. Thank you for writing it.

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