Mother’s Day Cards with Love

mother's day cards1

mother's day cards

English Class pupils put their hearts and souls into making cards for their mothers and grandmothers for Mother’s Day. Some children searched for ideas on the Internet, some made use of models that their teachers provided and some children created unique cards using only their imaginations.  Whether using a model or not, each and every card was made with love. The list of reasons why each child’s mother is the best was personal, touching and made to order.

Below is a sampling of some more cards made by some English Class children in the lower grades.

mother's day cards3


mother's day cards2

With this post we would like to wish all mothers everywhere the love, support and  happiness that they so richly deserve.

3 comments on “Mother’s Day Cards with Love

  1. Sartenada says:

    Beautiful. Gret work. I remind you that there are women who cannot have children. How they are remembered? Sigh!

    • ss-k says:

      Of greater concern in our world at school is addressing the issue of children who no longer have mothers to love and appreciate. You have a point, indeed, that all women are not able to bear children and that is something our pupils will confront when they are older. It goes without saying that there needs to be more respect and appreciation all across the board to ALL people regardless of their status or position in life.

  2. Joanne Morrison says:

    My goodness – what beautiful cards – that made all the Moms so happy…..

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