Spring Fest 2016


On Tuesday evening of this week English Class families and friends were treated to a potpourri of programme numbers that included chants, book percussion, songs and dances presented by the English Class pupils. One selection from each grade is presented here, along with a couple of joint presentations. (It should be noted, too, that some videos were filmed during the dress rehearsal during the day, rather than in the evening.)

The first graders are rightly proud of their new reading and writing skills. This show number features some first graders reading their own compositions and then the whole class performing percussion with their Finnish primers.

Since the beginning of the school year second graders have learned one chant every couple of weeks to get themselves ready to go out into the corridor. This video clip features only a portion of the chants they have learned throughout the school year.

Each and every third grader got to plan and execute his or her own performance slot in this dance song version of Stompa.

First, second and third graders combined forces to sing “I Like School!” One second grader said, after singing the song one day, “I don’t want school to end. I want to go to school ALL the time!”

The fourth graders choreographed this pirate number all by themselves. Unfortunately part of the beginning of this number didn’t get filmed, but most of it is here.

Thanks to the technical craft teacher, Mika, the fifth graders had a sturdy frame upon which to create a stage for the mini-dancers. Fifth grader Nicola was responsible for the choreography of the wing dancers.

The sixth graders shouldered all of the responsibility for the drama, costumes and choreography of this old favourite. We think they did a splendid job!

spring_fest stipends

The pupils above, Deivid Kozakin from grade 6, Tekla-Maria Heiniluoma from grade 5, Ananya Mariaraj from grade 4, Ilari Fält from grade 3, Ella Harell from grade 2 and Saga Miesmaa from grade 1, received award stipends from their respective teachers. Criteria for receiving a reward were that the pupil be positive, helpful, well mannered and an overall good classmate.

Reading diplomas (for reading in Finnish) were awarded to the following second graders: Siiri Oksa, Otto Kierkkinen, Onni Vuorenoja, Iiris Huhta, Amelie Rouvali, Oska Plapp, Antti, Tymkky, Benjamin Aapa, Ella Harell, and Ida Kovalainen.

A reading diploma for reading in English was awarded to fourth grader Isabel Smith.

Reading diplomas for reading in English were awarded to fifth graders  Jakub Budzisiak, John Garbulinski and Alisa Kuusman. Finnish reading diplomas were awarded to fifth graders Kasper Antila, Stella Manninen, Tekla-Maria Heiniluoma and Ava Puonti.

Finnish reading diplomas were awarded to sixth graders Siiri Hakala, Benjamin Salahub, Jenni Einola and Venny Vuorenoja.

We congratulate them all! Keep reading!

We’re so Proud of Our School was sung with heartfelt verve by English Class children at the evening performance. This version, filmed in the afternoon, was a shadow of the evening performance. Even so, we believe that the children stand firmly behind every word. We are so proud of out school -and most of all we are proud of the children who make up our school!

One comment on “Spring Fest 2016

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Congratulations – teachers for the hours you put into getting this together and students for your team efforts proving that when all of you work together it all turns out great. Thanks to all.

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