Dandelion Day 2016


Dandelion Day 2016 was celebrated in the English Classes in a somewhat low-key fashion this year. In two separate workshops, second, third and fourth grade classes made either realistic or stylized dandelion prints using pressed styrofoam sheets. After Ms. Sylvia explained the concepts of realistic drawings and stylized drawings, the pupils set to work drawing their designs on paper. Then, using a window as a back light source, they drew mirror images of their drawings on the opposite side of their papers.


After tooling their designs (reverse image pointing up) onto  styrofoam squares with pencils, pupils used brayers to evenly spread acrylic paint onto the styrofoam blocks.


Then the printing fun began. Proper water soluble printing paint would have undoubtedly given us better quality prints, but nonetheless, with some experimenting the children made some really fine looking prints.



Several of the children thought that their styrofoam printing blocks were every bit as nice as the prints that they had created.





One comment on “Dandelion Day 2016

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    What an accomplishment! To learn how to produce any masterpiece it takes a good teacher with patience and love of children – they are the masterpiece with love in their hearts to give to these children to make them proud of their work. The art I’m sure will be framed by all the parents. Thanks to you again teachers.

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