Goodbye Sixth Graders!

rosesAll of the sixth graders at Cygnaeus School made a grand entrance together at their last day of school commencement ceremony on
Saturday morning. Sixth grade parents, teachers and pupils were treated to a polonaise dance very proudly performed by the sixth graders as they entered the gymnasium. (See video below)  A couple of nice songs, a lovely piano piece by Chopin played by sixth grader, Sakari, a brief talk by the headmaster followed by reading the list of award recipients and the commencement was almost over. All that remained was for the sixth graders to receive a rose from the sixth grade teachers and then everyone was off to their respective classrooms to receive their annual report cards.  School ended for the summer!

We wish all the sixth graders the best of luck as they move on to upper school!


One comment on “Goodbye Sixth Graders!

  1. Rose Ann Garbulinski says:

    The Sixth Grade Dance was beautiful! What an event! Thank you!

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