Joyous Summer Holidays!

Joyous summer holidays!

It has been a wonderfully busy school year, but finally the time has come to play outdoors, swim, read and relax. You might want to review some of our super school year experiences here on the blog if weather is rainy. There is lots to look back on.

School begins again on Thursday, August 11th at 9 am.  Until then, we wish all of our readers a fine, fun-filled summer!

2 comments on “Joyous Summer Holidays!

  1. Olayinka Peter says:

    Hello, please can I apply as a teacher ; how do I go about it? I am a Phonics and Phonetics experts.

    • ss-k says:

      Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately we do not have any positions available now or in the foreseeable future. Our faculty must meet the standards of the Finnish national curriculum and hold a Masters degree in education in order to teach at our school.
      Kind regards,

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