Class Team-building


English Class fifth graders began the school year with their new teacher, Mr. Gregg, by participating in two challenges that required good solid teamwork to complete.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”    ~Henry Ford

The first challenge involved constructing the highest tower possible within a given time limit using only pasta girders and marshmallow joints.


The pasta tower challenge required concerted effort and focus, but the reward of seeing the construction evolve was greatly satisfying! Trial and error, trial and error. Together it can/could be done! Our classrooms are full of diverse learners, and students with different needs. Challenges like this emphasize common goals and that everyone’s contribution is valuable.


The second challenge was to build a pyramid of cups together without touching the cups using any part of their bodies. The pupils used a rubber band to which a string for each group member was tied. To transport a cup,  pupils had to adjust the tension on the string that they each manipulated.


Being part of a team is deeply satisfying. It facilitates communication, it breaks down (preconceived) barriers, it develops trust, it promotes creativity and problem solving skills. These English Class fifth graders are most definitely going to enjoying a successful school year together!


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