Field Trip to the County Fair

File 20-08-16 13 16 08

On Friday of this week English Class fourth graders, as well as other fourth graders from Cygnaeus School, were invited to visit the 3rd annual Satakunta County Fair (Satakunnan maaseutunäyttely), which is an agricultural exhibition for the area. Fourth graders study about agricultural produce and livestock in their environmental studies lessons this year so the field trip is an excellent way of getting hands on experience.

File 20-08-16 13 15 45

The fair was held at the local trotting track and featured lots of animals to pet and admire. There were goats, sheep, calves, alpacas, piglets, ponies, horses and chickens, to name a few.

File 20-08-16 13 14 50

The pupils thought that it was fun getting close up and personal with the animals. Farm machinery and tractors were also on display but could not compete with the draw of live animals.

File 20-08-16 13 16 26

Carnival attractions rounded out the unforgettable experience of being at the fair for the children.

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