The Annual School Peace Proclamation

peace proclamation2

Yesterday, August 23rd, a proclamation of peace at school was declared on the island of Kirjurinluoto. All of the English Classes, along with the rest of the pupils from Cygnaeus School and a handful of other schools attended the event that is part of a tradition that originated with the Mannerheimin League of Child Welfare in Turku and dates back to 1990. The local school peace proclamation event on Kirjuri was organized by the town’s Well-being committee which is comprised of the town’s sports and leisure department, the local police department, social and health services, Winnova’s First Aid, rescue services and the Martha organization.peace proclamation

All sorts of physical activities were available for the children to try ranging from circus tricks, Sumo wrestling in air suits, elephant ball and lacrosse to first aid and dental hygiene activities.  A warm lunch of lasagna was served to all of the pupils on the island so that left some time for free play in the park. Older pupils enjoyed a concert by Youngheart.

school proclamation3

By the time the pupils returned to school, they were pretty tired. In fact, the second graders asked if they could spend the last few minutes at school before the school day ended by just relaxing and reading!


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