The Fifth Grade Goes Google



Since the beginning of this school year English Class fifth grade pupils and their teacher, Mr, Gregg, have been learning to use Chromebooks. They have learned many tips and advantages of using the Chrome browser, the versatility of the omnibox, as well as learning about the features of some of the Google applications, such as Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Slides. Pupils learned how effective a tool Google applications are for collaborative work.


This week pupils were introduced to Google Classroom where Mr. Gregg has started posting assignments in some subjects.  Pupils eagerly grasped the new learning tools and very quickly adapted the new information to their learning tasks.

One comment on “The Fifth Grade Goes Google

  1. Sartenada says:

    I appreciate this. This way guided, they will find a new world! I wish that I would have had Internet in my youth. I lived on countryside thus the only possibility to explore world was to order magazines from abroad. I remember some names: Popular Science, Hi-Fi revue and Arizona Highways. I still have all those Arizona Highway magazines in my home and this year I have read them again.

    Happy weekend.

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