Field Trip to the Fish Fair


On their way to and from the Baltic Herring Fish Fair along the river front in Pori, English Class third graders stopped to admire several of the many public statues along the way.  Not counting the statues on top of the old town hall, there are eight public sculptures or statues to be seen on the way from Cygnaeus School to the river front. The photo above shows Danish Per Kirkby’s Porin Portti (Portal to Pori),  a bust of Risto Ryti by Sofia Saari and a sculpture of Duke Juhana, also by Sofia Saari.


At the annual Baltic Herring Fish Fair pupils paired off and set out to answer the following questions:

  1. What could be purchased at the fish fair?
  2. What types of fish were for sale?
  3. What kinds of different products made from Baltic herring were being sold?
  4. In what ways had the fish products been prepared?
  5. What types of sweets were for sale?


The third graders were REALLY keen on carrying out their tasks. The free tasting samples were especially appreciated!


This activity allowed the children to formulate their own questions to find information. They took a very active role in their learning.


Their teacher, Ms. Anu, bought some smoked Baltic herring back to school where each pupil had the opportunity to “clean” the fish by removing its skin, its head, tail and bones and then eating it. Some thought the smoked fish was a delicacy of the first order. Others were put off by having had to remove parts of the fish.

Author and philosopher Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” All in all, this field trip offered lots and lots of first hand learning experiences, learning by doing.


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