Fourth Graders Get Their Hands into Composting


English Classes fourth graders have been doing some studies about compost and composting. An investigation of mini-composers was set up in class using small sandwich bags that zip, water, shredded newspaper and lettuce. After making these  ‘mini-compost’ experiments in the class, the class made a field trip with their environmental studies teacher, Mr. Gregg, to Pori’s Waste Advisory Centre (Porin sedun jäteneuvonta) near Kirjurinluoto.


Three friendly, informative guides taught us about the basics of composting. We already knew the basic ingredients that make up compost, and now we got to see the real thing. We learned about what types of things we can put into compost, and why it is so important to think carefully about what food we eat, how we can reduce the waste produced by us and our families, and more importantly, the impact that careless food waste can have on our environment and our future.


It was surprising to discover that the average person creates around 24 kg of food waste per year. This may not sound like a lot, but that’s almost 100 kg of food waste per year for an average family of 4! We can potentially reduce this figure to zero if we compost our food waste by carefully choosing the quantity of food we buy, eat, and waste.


If our food waste is composted, then it is not wasted! Compost creates life.


This was a good opportunity for the fourth graders to get their hands dirty with some real compost work. It was a great opportunity to understand that one person alone cannot make a difference to our environment and our future, but if we all work together to reduce waste and be more sustainable, then there is a brighter future ahead for us and for future generations.

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