Vegetable Theme Day in First and Second Grades


English Class second graders have been learning about food and its origins. This week vegetables of all sorts have been the focal point. One activity children engaged in involved looking a pictures and determining if the item in question was a fruit, a vegetable or a root vegetable. Together they also discussed what part of the plant was being used as a vegetable. The second graders learned the names of many vegetables and then played memory games where they repeatedly used the names.


Early in the week both the English Class first and second grades went on an excursion to Lyseo School to watch a Vegetable Orchestra presentation. This presentation featured some silly vegetables, including a depressed potato!


On Wednesday the first and second graders were able to taste samples of  several vegetables. The children noted that bits of turnip and bits of swede looked almost exactly the same when diced, but two different distinct odors made it easy to determine which vegetable was which. Carrot, perhaps the most familiar vegetable to the children, proved to be the hands down favourite in the taste test poll that first grade teacher, Ms. Leena, conducted.


In the spirit of the food harvest theme, English Class second graders formed two groups to bake two baking sheets of apple cake. Together with their teacher, Ms. Kati, they went through the recipe and discussed the cake ingredients as well as the measurements used like decilitre and teaspoon. Ms. Kati made note of the fact that the second graders did a splendid job of cleaning up after themselves.


After lunch both the first and second graders enjoyed slices of the apple cake, some with vanilla sauce, others without. The consensus was that it was yummy!


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