Elected English Class Student Council Members


The representatives from the English Classes to Cygnaeus School’s student council have been chosen. Each English Class elected a student council representative, as well as a back-up representative. That elected person (and/or back up representative) will pass on requests, ideas and complaints from pupils in that class to the student council. Pupils have a forum by which to make themselves and their desires heard.

For example, in an English Class fifth grade civic studies lesson, pupils nominated representatives to the student council. The nominees then made brief speeches explaining to their classmates why they would be worth voting onto the council. Closed ballot voting was conducted after the speeches. The results of the voting were posted as the votes were counted.

Jenni is the representative and Amelia is the back-up representative from first grade. Eevi is the representative and Kiira is the back up rep. from second grade. Siiri is the representative and Oska is the back up from third grade. Noah is the representative and Frans is the back up from fourth grade. Roosa is the representative and Luca is the back up from fifth grade. Max is the representative and Tekla is the back up from sixth grade.


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