5th Grade Pitkis-Adventure Day in Ruosniemi


All of Cygneaus School’s 5th grades, including English Class 5 EN, spent a sunny morning last Wednesday at Pitkis-Adventure in Ruosniemi. We were introduced to our guides who explained safety to us and what we were going to do. There were four fun activities based on teamwork, communication skills and self-confidence.

The most popular activity was canoeing. The pupils got into a canoe in groups of two or three. The person at the back of the canoe was the ‘captain’, and his/her job was to steer the canoe and give directions to the others. The person at the front of the canoe was the ‘engine’, and provided most of the power. If there was a third person, that person sat in the middle acting as the ‘tourist’ taking in the views. This was a lot of fun, and everybody enjoyed taking turns at each position in the canoe. It was a good opportunity for the groups to work on their communication and teamwork skills.


Another activity was in two parts, based again around teamwork and communication. The group was split into two teams and first they had to solve a giant jigsaw puzzle by making a square shape out of pre-cut pieces of wood – more challenging than it sounded! The second task was a challenge for each team to stand on a row of crates, and then move the whole team forward without touching the ground. This was achieved by squeezing up together and passing a crate from the front of the line to the back and moving the whole team forward. Both activities were excellent for practicing our communication skills.


Yet another activity was rock climbing. Wearing their helmets, the pupils took turns scaling a rock face using a rope to help pull themselves up. It proved quite challenging for some, but everybody made it in the end!


This activity was a great confidence booster for some pupils. The view at the top made the climb well worth the effort!


One final activity was to scale a tightrope secured between two trees over a considerable drop. It was quite a long rope, and it was pretty wobbly in the middle. It looked much easier than it actually was, but again, everybody made it.


After completion of the tightrope everybody was given an opportunity to solve a mini-puzzle where two pupils were tangled up in two short ropes, and pupils needed to figure out how to untangle themselves.


The morning was a lot of fun for everyone (including the teachers), and we all learned more about the importance of proper communication and teamwork. Thank you, Pitkis-Adventure!  This is a valuable experience for our fifth graders.


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