Footgolf in P.E. Lessons on ‘Kirjuri’


English Class third and fourth graders enjoyed a game of footgolf in the physical education (p.e.) lesson on Wednesday on the beautiful island of Kirjurinluoto. What is footgolf, you might ask. Fourth grader Frans explained it this way:

Foot(ball)golf is where two pairs of players play against each other. Both pairs each get one ball. We set a destination, a tree or a wall. First one pair kicks one kick and then the other pair kicks. The we run to the balls and kick the ball one more time. The pair that gets the ball to the wall with the least number of kicks wins.


The pupils were very enthusiastic about playing footgolf, except for one pupil. She got a very black and blue second toe for her kicking efforts!


The weather was perfect and the park was beautiful. It was a great experience to be out and about. Pori’s Golf Club offers a nine hole course for playing footgolf, so maybe some of these third and fourth graders will carry on this interesting sport in their leisure time!

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