Traffic Safety Week Activities


Last week was National Traffic Safety week and all of the English Classes participated in activities related to traffic safety including the use of reflectors on clothing and backpacks, the importance of using a helmet while bicycling, paying attention to traffic rules, etc.  Now, with the popularity of  virtual game,  Pokémon go,  even more emphasis was placed on being mindful when out and about.


The English Class second graders watched some videos about traffic safety that were geared toward children. The pupils in both first and second grades practiced vocabulary related to traffic safety and did notebook work where they had to complete traffic signs by colouring them properly. In their Finnish classes all of the English Class pupils took advantage of materials offered by our local newspaper, Satakunnan Kansa.


For the English Class first and second graders the week culminated in a field trip to the Traffic Park on Kirjurinluoto. The children had a splendid time and showed that they could apply what they had learned to real situations. That is so important because, as second grader Jan said, “You can lose your life if you don’t”.

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