Learning About Working in a School


Last month a ninth grade pupil, Sasu, from our neighbouring school, Porin suomalainen yhteislyseo, (PSYL) spent two weeks learning what it is like to work at 
a school as part of his work experience programme. Sasu kept a record of his experiences while in the English Classes and we thought it would be interesting for our blog’s readers as well.

12th  September, 2016: First TET- day. On this day, I met the class for the first time which was 4EN, the English Class 4th grade. This day I was just meeting pupils. I also liked that I met my old teacher, Mr. Juho after a long time.

13th September, -16: Second TET-day. I got to direct the class in the maths lesson. Also there was a Finnish lesson. There was also an environmental studies lesson. This was a very nice day.

14.9. Third TET-day. There was Finnish, and physical education for two hours. In the first p.e. lesson we went to the Kirjurinluoto with Mr Juho’s and Mrs Anu’s class. The pupils had fun when they played football games. The second 2-hour p.e lesson was in the school’s yard. We were playing football with Mr Juho and the 6th graders. That was nice. I had again a nice day.

15.9. Fourth TET-day. This day wasn’t like the timetable. We were at the Urheilustadion, the Sports Stadium. We were informing and supporting athletic sport competitors, which were the elementary pupils of Pori. The competitions were great and it was nice to watch them and listen to them. And then my work was done.

16.9. Fifth TET-day. Today there was, for example, art and Finnish and craft. I was at the craft lesson in the craft class. I watched and helped pupils when they worked. I remember all of 4EN pupils’ names now.

19.9. Sixth TET-day. The timetable is the same as last week. I checked homework and helped pupils. And I helped teacher Mrs Sylvia also during a lesson.

20.9. Seventh TET-day, Tuesday. I checked pupils’ homework and taught them. I helped Mr Juho. Ms. Sylvia came to talk about the Forest-themed day which is tomorrow with all of the English Classes.

21.9. Eighth TET-day, Wednesday. Today we were in the Pori forest with all the English Classes of Cygnaeus. There were different programmes for the children. I came to help them with their work and missions. Also I played different games with some groups. School ended at 13:00.

22.9. Ninth TET-day, Thursday. Work day. Helping and teaching pupils. I got my guitar in the class. I tuned acoustic guitars with Mr Juho. He had his own great guitar with him. I also tuned my own guitar. I taught the pupils my guitar’s different parts and strings and all of it. They also got to try to play guitar. We tried to teach pupils Deep Purple’s song, Smoke on the Water with Mr Juho.  It wasn’t so easy but they got a good start.

23.9. Tenth, Last TET-day, Friday. Work day. This was my last day in TET at Cygnaeus. Feelings about teaching children was that it was heavy, but it doesn’t matter because it was very interesting and even fun. I have thought that I wanna be a teacher sometime. That’s why I came here. I’d like to be a teacher. Also I liked very much that when I got the place in my old teacher’s class, which was very nice. Mr Juho is a great teacher. This was a very cool, great and interesting experience!


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