English Class Third Graders Go Around the World in a Day!


The Satakunta Multicultural Society (Satakunnan Monikulttuuriyhdistys ry); a meeting place for non-Finns and Finns alike, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. As part of their celebrations they invited classes and schools to participate in a special fair where children could engage in different cultural experiences from all over the world. Last Thursday our third graders and their teacher, Ms. Anu, visited the Multicultural Centre.


Activities and stations were set up throughout the centre. Some of the stations were manned by students at WinNova, a vocational training centre for adults and youth.


The countries represented were Syria, Turkey, Romania, the United States, Russia, the Ukraine, Ireland, Thailand, Bangladesh and Nigeria.


The third graders got to drink “Dracula’s blood”, admire fine handwork, taste spring rolls, make Thanksgiving turkeys, learn about many different countries, write their names in Arabic, dance a Nigerian dance and lots more.


All things told, it was a great experience for all of the third graders, another great example of how much about the world and its people can be learned here in our own little part of the world!


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