“Finnish Landscapes” in a Concert


On Wednesday English Class pupils, along with other pupils at Cygnaeus School, enjoyed a lively first-class concert by the Anssi Tikanmäki Orchestra.  Anssi Tikanmäki and his orchestra are touring to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the album, “Maisemakuvia Suomesta” (Finnish Landscapes), which is selling gold this year in Finland. The concert was organized by the School Concert Office (Koulun konserttikeskus).

Well-known instrumental pieces, such as “The Forests of Savo“, were visualized by projected photos, video clips and famous paintings, (Järnefelt: Slash and Burn, etc). The audience was taken on a train tour to visit towns and provinces, starting from the southernmost town of Hanko (where they performed The Regatta in Hanko  (Hangon regatta), on to Järvenpää, Pohjanmaa, Savo, Lappi and finally Nokia. They finished the concert with Finlandia, in anticipation of next year’s centennial celebration of Finland’s independence. It was a privilege to be able to enjoy such a high caliber concert and was enjoyed by one and all. In fact, after the concert one English Class first grader proclaimed to his teacher, Ms. Leena, and classmates that it was such a great concert that his head almost burst!

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