Forest Mural by the English Classes


This year the English Classes have forests as our cross-curricular theme in accordance with the new 2016 curriculum. As part of those cross-curricular studies all of the English Class participated in creating a forest mural.


The first and second graders drew and coloured forest animals. They used iPads to find models and colour the animals. The results of their work were astonishing as can be seen from their cut out animals in the photo collages above and below.


The third graders drew birds that live in or near the forest. The fourth graders drew woody shrubs like heather, blueberry plants and lingonberry plants. The fifth graders used their newly gained knowledge of meadow flowers to draw meadow flowers. The sixth graders drew mushrooms since they were learning about fungi in their environmental studies lessons.


Fourth, fifth and sixth graders worked to create the background trees and forest.


It was a pretty labour intensive project to create the forest, but luckily there was never a shortage of volunteers.


In the collage above you can see some of the delightful details of the mural. (By clicking on the picture you can easily enlarge it.)


All in all, the project succeeded way beyond expectations. The best part is that every English Class pupil could contribute something to make this beautiful, peaceful scene.

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