2016 Halloween Doings in the English Classes


English Class pupils paraded their terrific Halloween costumes after lunch on Wednesday for all to see and admire. Although there are no photos of the activities, all of the English Classes participated in hearing Halloween stories or writing Halloween stories. The English Class third graders wrote wonderful Mad lib Halloween stories titled, “A Dark and Spooky Night“. They had bats swimming and jumping in the sky, not to mention people being angry and smiling at the same time as they handed out witches and ghosts to thousands of trick-or-treaters!


Two teachers, Mr. Juho and Ms. Sylvia, are missing from the Halloween faculty photo above but Ms. Eevaliisa is there representing the kindergarten, along with school aide trainee, Elliroosa, second from the left.


Costumes and painted faces were very imaginative this year. The first graders learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin and carved a jack o’lantern from a pumpkin. (Actually Ms. Sylvia did the carving, but the first graders gave directions as to what kind of face it was to be.) They also enthusiastically sang the song, The Little Old Woman Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything, which is inspired by the charming modern classic book by Linda Williams, illustrated by Megan Lloyd.


The English Class second graders had Halloween riddles to solve, a game of pumpkin drawing and a haunted house activity. All of the pupils in every class were able to enjoy the Halloween goodies that they purchased at the sale. Yummm! It was a great Halloween!

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