Independence Day Activities at Entry Level


On Monday, December 5th, the eve of Finland’s 99th anniversary of independence, English Class first and second graders were able to enjoy several activities relating to Finnish Independence Day. They began the day by learning what the national symbols of Finland are: the whooper swan, which is the national bird, the brown bear which is the national animal and the lily-of the-valley, which is Finland’s national flower. The pupils learned where the borders of Finland lie. Then they joined the Finnish class first and second graders for an Independence Day assembly.


Together the English Class first and second graders wove hearts from blue and white paper to match the colours of the Finnish flag.


In their physical education (P.E.) lesson the pupils played two different games of tag.  Pupils could save/thaw other players who had been tagged and frozen by singing “Oi maamme Suomi”  or spelling out the letters “s, u, o, m, i”.


The final P.E. activity was a form-the Finnish-flag relay race. The pupil had lots of fun while learning more about Finland.

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