Christmas Art Decks the Halls


The halls at school outside the English Classes are all decked out in Christmas splendour. Classroom doors on the second floor are covered with lacy snowflake Christmas trees. English Class third graders made stately Christmas trees from painted papers. Second graders used stencils to print snowflakes on ovals of black cardboard to create lovely decorations.


Some third graders made transparencies of of the nativity which are on the window ledge of the landing coming up to the second floor. The snowy woods in the vitrine on the second floor provide a tranquil scene, especially with our “new” table and chairs. On the third floor Rudolph is singing his heart out on the door to the fifth grade classroom.


English Class fourth graders drew Christmas lanterns and added a flurry of paper confetti snow to their work. The second graders used a water colour wash to create a wintry setting for their Christmas trees.


English Class first graders glued rectangles of tissue paper to cardboard. Then they cut out triangles and glued them to the snowy landscapes they had created. The final touch was gluing on a few small white pompoms. They look amazing!

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