English Classes Celebrate the 100th Day at School by Reading


Every school year the English Classes celebrate the milestone of the hundredth day at school. Today, the 20th of January, is the 100th day. This year we decided to celebrate our hundredth day by reading for one hundred minutes during the school day. This reading time was scattered throughout the school day with breaks in between. First graders, for example, read their reading homework to their fifth grade peer pals. The fifth graders in turn read stories out loud to their first grade friends.


Because the fourth graders don’t have subjects with their own teacher, Mr. Juho, on Fridays, they started their one hundred minutes of reading already yesterday, on Thursday.


While reading pupils assumed all sorts of positions and sought out different nooks and crannies throughout the B-wing where they could read in peace and quiet. The atmosphere throughout was calming and magical!



Another 100th day activity was shared by first and second graders. Using their iPads and working with a partner, they scanned Qr-codes that had been placed on the second floor. Then, following the given directions to solve a task and getting coordinates, they took turns colouring answer squares on a grid. A secret message appeared when all of the Qr-codes had been scanned and directions followed. The message can be seen being held up by first grader Eino in the photo collage below. The second graders also read books to the English Class kindergarten children as part of their one hundred minutes of reading.


This Hundredth Day was a day greatly enjoyed by everyone involved.  Only 90 more days until the summer holiday begins!

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