Mastering Measuring Length in Second Grade


Early last week English Class second graders took the first steps toward mastering the art of measuring length in their math lessons. At the beginning of the week they pondered together how long a meter really is. Every pupil measured out a piece of yarn that was exactly one meter long. Using that meter long piece of yarn they set out to find things that were one meter in length, things that were longer or taller than one meter and things that were less than one meter. It was difficult to find things that were exactly one meter in length, but a few things were found. It was an exciting moment when someone realized that everyone in the second grade is taller than one meter. But then the question about teacher Ms. Kati’s height came up. Is she two meters tall? How could it be determined for certain? Together the children measured and realized that Ms. Kati falls quite a way short of being two meters tall!


Later in the week the children learned about centimeters. The learned how to show one centimeter and ten centimeters using their hands. The children also practiced using a ruler. Measuring with a ruler came easily to most, but drawing lines with a ruler proved to be far more challenging. It is probable that next week’s art lesson will provide a little more practice using a ruler!

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