Passing on Ice Skating Know-how Peer to Peer


Yippee! Finally it is cold enough to skate on the rink in the schoolyard! Today, in their P.E. lesson, English Class third and fourth graders received ice skating tips and practice from sixth grade boys who either play extra-curricular ice hockey or bandy. Three different activity stations were set up on the ice. One activity focused on four ways of stopping when ice skating. This included gliding to a stop,  the “T”stop, the snowplow stop and hockey stop.


Another activity was practicing skating backwards in three different ways. The third activity station involved practicing cross-over skating.


The sixth grade boys (pictured above) who assisted in today’s ice skating lesson were Max, Tao and Kasperi from the English Class sixth grade and Eero, Atte and Lassi, who are also in the sixth grade at Cygnaeus. This P.E. lesson was a great opportunity to motivate the third and fourth graders to better skating skills by featuring the skills of adept sixth grade skaters.

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