Integrated Studies of “The Moldau” Composition


In their music lessons English Class third and fourth graders have been learning about and listening to the symphonic poem, The Moldau  (a.k.a. Vltava)  by the Czech composer Bedřich Smetana. The popular composition has six parts describing the river Moldau begining at its source of two springs and continuing through forest and fields past castles and on to rapids and more.


Two large mixed groups of third and fourth graders were further subdivided so that small groups of pupils could work on illustrating certain assigned parts of the the symphonic poem composition. In addition to the river theme, there are a Forest Hunt, a Peasant Wedding celebration as well as a Dance of the Water Nymphs in the moonlight as part of the tale.


When their work was completed the third and fourth graders presented their work to the English Class first and second graders. The entire project was one that third and fourth graders participated in very enthusiastically.


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