Active School Activities


Cygnaeus School is a participant in Pori’s Let’s Move Active School programme. English Class teachers Ms. Anu and Mr. Juho are the Active School coordinators at Cygnaeus. This means that, in addition to traditional p.e. lessons and ordinary recesses, more physical activity options are being put into practice on a daily basis. One example is that, on a rotating basis, pupils may skate on the school ice skating rink during the lunch recess break, weather permitting. Another example is that indoor recess is offered to two classes at a time. Every class in the school can have a turn at indoor recess once every two weeks. The photo collage above shows English Class first graders enjoying their turn to the max. Also teachers are focusing on incorporating more physical activity and brain breaks into lessons. For example, Ms. Anu’s third grade class pupils broke up their times table speed test practice by climbing and descending the stairs to the third floor and back if they wished. The pupils loved it!

Research conclusively proves that physical activity improves attention span, reduces anxiety and depression and optimizes the brain for learning. At school there is a great need for many physical activity opportunities throughout the day to promote well-being and learning of our pupils.


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