Star Talent in First and Second Grades


On Valentine’s Day English class first and second graders borrowed a tried and true tradition from Ms. Anu and the third graders. Together they held their very first Star Talent Show. Assuredly it was not the last! The acts ranged from a composition played by first grader Eino on the contrabass to Alisa’s tranquil, self-composed piece on a harmonica/mouth organ. We even enjoyed Vladimir’s  “Look! No hands!” selection on an electric piano.


We watched Rubin’s demonstration of footballer skills, Amelia’s bunny puppet dance, and songs played on the violin and piano by Jenni, Eevi and Ella respectively. Marcela sang us a lullabye in Slovak. An amazing dance choreographed and performed by five second grade girls (Aisis, Alexia, Eevi, Mimi and Selena) impressed us all, to say the least. The dance and several other acts can be seen in the two video clips below. The range of talents of these first and second graders was extraordinary!

The first and second graders are already making plans for their next Star Talent Show!

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