Kalevala Day Assembly


Tuesday of this week was Kalevala Day, the day where Finnish people celebrate their culture and the national epic called Kalevala. Elias Lönnrot gathered and compiled the epic’s poems in the nineteenth century. All of the English Classes were treated to renditions of some songs and poems from Kalevala performed by Ms. Toini Laakso and Ms. Pirjo Halme. Each of them wore national costumes from different parts of Finland. The Finnish language was not very easy to to understand, but it was fun to pick out threads of ideas here and there.

English Class first graders have been learning how to play the kantele which is a stringed instrument featured in Kalevala. The story in Kalevala goes that Väinämöinen fashioned the very first kantele from the jawbone of a great pike and the strings with a few hairs from Hiisi’s stallion.

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