Design & Craft in First and Second Grades

Using their iPads with which to find inspiration, English Class first graders each drew a plan of an Angry Bird character. They used these plans then to create felt cushions of the given Angry Bird character using the blanket stitch.  Above you can see how well the drawings match the completed cushions of Red Bird the cardinal and Chuck the canary!

Second graders have been perfecting the art of crochet in their craft classes. They coiled long strands of chain stitched fabric tube strips to cover Kalevala birds and to create the legs. In the lower right hand corner first graders are making a surprise in woodcraft.

One comment on “Design & Craft in First and Second Grades

  1. Angélica Mora says:

    Hi teachers. I am also a teacher. I work in a primary school in Colombia South America. My class is in second grade. I follow your blog for some time and I want to exchange conversation with you and your class. I love their activities in English class and I want to know other topics about the other classes in your school. I really admire the finland Education. I would apreciate knowing more about it.
    Thank you for share your work. I hope we can talk. Good bye.

    Angélica Mora

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