Easter Mural in the Making

Making murals throughout the school year has become a tradition in the English Classes. Everyone contributes something to make a wonderful collage of colour based on a theme. This time the theme is Getting Ready for Easter. After each class watched a slide presentation suggesting the theme and subjects, all of the English Class pupils set to making something for the mural. The first graders made chicks. The second graders painted hens. The third graders made bunnies. The fourth graders made roosters. The fifth graders drew spring flowers and more bunnies and the sixth graders made more roosters and spring flowers. Pupils could choose what technique they wished to use. Many pupils used their iPads or Chromebooks to find inspiration and models. Little by little we are assembling the mural. Check back next week to see the completed mural!

One comment on “Easter Mural in the Making

  1. […] year’s Easter mural is as complete as it is ever going to be. The mural has entailed lots of work by all of the English Classes. Our pupils created loads of delightful chicks, bunnies, eggs and […]

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